Watch the BIC webinar on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act represents the largest road infrastructure investment in our nation's history. Through the $1.2 trillion package, Indiana will receive significantly more formula funding for roads and bridges, with the possibility of accessing additional competitive grant dollars included in the law. With a proposal this massive in size, focus now shifts [...]

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Building the Hoosier Crossroads

It’s the roads and bridges interconnecting us all: Our economic growth and the state’s leading role as a transportation hub for commerce. Our vibrant communities and safe passage to where we live, work and play. Our future and laying a strong foundation for the state we are proud to call home. The Build Indiana Council [...]

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BIC selects Gould to lead association

TO: BIC Members and Grassroots Network FROM: Ed Gehr DATE: October 15, 2020 I am pleased to announce that Brian Gould will be joining BIC as the future Executive Director effective November 2nd.. Brian will transition into the position during the balance of the year by learning the many aspects of the position from Vicki Kitchin, [...]

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Include Road Funding in next Covid-19 Federal Relief Package

May 8, 2020 By Vicki Kitchin Among the many issues currently facing state and local government leaders is the downturn in road funding caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. As Congress negotiates future stimulus packages, they should include relief for road funding budgets to ensure that planned transportation projects move forward. The pandemic has highlighted and reinforced [...]

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Lawmakers Should Put the Trust Back into the Highway Trust Fund

November 14, 2019 By Vicki Kitchin With the current federal highway authorization, known as the FAST Act, set to expire in 2020, there’s much debate about how to fund future road and bridge improvements across the nation. Should Congress increase the federal gas tax? Should the federal role simply diminish requiring states to implement new [...]

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