Following the president’s stamp of approval on the long-awaited infrastructure bill, the White House released a more detailed breakdown of what the bill may deliver for Indiana.

The updated information provides more clarity on how much of the disbursements are new, as opposed to what Indiana already receives through existing federal programs. What is still unclear, however, is when exactly this money will filter to the local level and produce results.

Generally, the bill allocates some money to bolster existing federal programs, and other money to new programs. Some use federal formulas and some use competitive grants.

Formula funding distributes money proportionate to community characteristics like population, while competitive, discretionary funding is awarded through an application process.

Of the $154 billion in grant funding included in the law, about a third will be distributed by formula, leaving two-thirds, of $100 billion, to the competitive process. This means the decision for who gets that $100 billion lies with the U.S. Department of Transportation, headed by Indiana’s own Pete Buttigieg.


Kayla Dwyer